PropUp has seamlessly tackled a job that has been on the top of our ‘To Do’ list for 4 years! It is such an exciting new venture that every production, channel, and TV body should get involved with…. We need to start thinking about how we become more sustainable as an industry and PropUp is a great place to start!

Malena McFarlane
Hat Trick Productions

The time and energy put into this service by the PropUp team is remarkable – they show how much they care every step of the way. It’s a brilliant service for the TV & Film industry and we can’t wait to use it again.

Sam Ames
Broke & Bones

PropUp is such an incredible and inspiring service. I can imagine that all broadcasters will be asking producers to sign up before long. We all know the TV industry has a long way to go when it comes to reducing waste and not only does PropUp help us to do that, but their approach means we can actually benefit our local communities too.

Juliet Denison
Hungry Bear Media

Emma and Kate are such a force for good; everyone must know about PropUp, and use them. The unwanted props and set from a production can be so wasteful and PropUp are helping to solve this and at the same time really helping at a grass roots level. It’s such a brilliant service, Expectation will definitely be using them again.

Robyn Hale
Expectation Entertainment

The PropUp Service was so easy and we loved that, only a few weeks later, we got such a detailed report on where all the items had been donated. Seeing how appreciative everyone was to receive the items was amazing, and the saving to the storage bill wasn’t bad too.

Fergus Elphinstone
Rumpus Media

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