The three R’s…

to local charities, community groups and other pre-vetted organisations

back to the industry, online or via set sales to support a second life culture

what is left in the most sustainable way possible

How it works

We work with studios, broadcasters and production companies across the UK, redistributing sets, props, costume and production items to encourage a more circular economy and support incredible community causes.

Run by people who understand your world, we deal with everything from inventory to distribution. After which we provide a comprehensive report to assist with your post-production paperwork, and help you achieve your social and sustainable goals.

From storage unit clears to set sales, we offer a range of services to suit your production requirements. Even though each job is bespoke, the process is much the same…

1. Inventory

so you know what you want to keep and what you want to donate (if it isn’t already done)



2. Organise

into rehome,
resell or recycle

3. Connect

to local charities, community groups and recycling centres

4. Collect

from production office,
storage unit, studio,
filming location, etc

5. Distribute

to new homes in the local community (where
possible by e-van, bicycle or foot)

6. Report

back to you where items have gone and who they have helped