Our Pricing

Whether it’s a props cupboard to empty, a storage unit to clear, or a set to strike, we can help.
Prices start from as little as £500…


Please get in touch for our brochure and a more detailed quote.

The PropUp Service Includes…

  • Initial Assessment – inventory and recce to assess the quality and condition of the items
  • Research – find the best, local beneficiaries and recycling centres for the items
  • Confidentiality Checks – ensure all private / branded / confidential information we come across is dealt with professionally
  • Public Liability Insurance – we’ve got it covered
  • Transport & Logistics – liaising with storage units and/or studios, organising the items and arranging pick-up and delivery (including to recycling centres)
  • Organising Online Sales – uploading and managing the sales of items that aren’t rehomed
  • PropUp Report – a detailed outline of where things have gone, and who you’ve supported