And I Would Walk 500 Metres!

A perfect example of why PropUp make every effort to donate items where they are…

Under 500 metres from a storage unit we were clearing, we connected to an incredible organisation that operates a surplus foodbank and re-use centre for local residents. Life After Hummus is a tour de force and the pillar of the local community. We’d struck gold meeting the wonderful Farrah (who runs the meticulous operation!) and managed to pass on clothes, toys, furnishings, stationery and much more to fill up the shelves and rails in their ‘Room of Things’. And to top it all off, we wheeled and walked everything over, preventing cars or vans polluting the London air! 

Farrah said: “PropUp Project has managed to divert ‘waste’ to support the local community and bring a smile to many families who are struggling. We are in unprecedented times and projects such as this are much needed. Thank you to Emma and Kate and thank you to the production companies for opening up their hearts to the local communities.”