rehoming props in the car

Who we are

We are Emma and Kate – TV Producers who met over a decade ago as fresh-faced runners on a much-loved comedy entertainment show. As our careers grew, we collected credits on a variety of successful (and less successful!) TV shows and became firm friends along the way!

How it started

One day, in a windowless, cramped room in the bowels of Soho, whilst clearing out an overflowing props cupboard, we thought, “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat…”

Only joking – that was The Little Mermaid! We said to ourselves, “Surely there is someone, or someplace that could benefit from all these false teeth, bowler hats and table lamps?!” And there definitely was…but we had tea to make and celebs’ hair to stroke!

Cut to 12 years later and we couldn’t stop thinking about the genuine treasure, locked – or worse, chucked – away after the lights had come down on our favourite TV shows; all those old props, sets and wigs just collecting dust, desperate for a second chance…

Enter PropUp Project: an organisation founded by us, Kate and Emma, with the sole purpose of helping production companies rehome, resell, and recycle the leftovers from TV and Film. And joking aside – we are passionate about tackling the huge waste problem within our industry, whilst minimising our environmental footprint and supporting local communities.

What we do

PropUp is now a bona fide Community Interest Company; born in 2021 we have already redirected thousands of items from landfill, putting them to good use and ‘propping up’ over fifty charities and community groups across London and beyond.

The PropUp dream may have begun in London, but our aim is to create a network and a system that makes it easier for our industry to make better choices, wherever they are.
So, whether you want to PropUp London, PropUp Manchester, or PropUp LA… get in touch!